Working with Audio files

JSTOR Forum institutional collections and Personal Collections (both yours and those shared at your institution) may contain audio files. Audio files cannot be downloaded or exported as part of a Group. Audio files are indicated by audio under the thumbnail

To listen to audio files:

  1. Click the center of the item to launch the Detail page. Some audio files may have an image as their thumbnail, while some may have the default audio icon as their thumbnail.
  2. On the Detail page, use the audio buttons to play, pause, or drag the progress bar to jump to a section of the audio file.
  3. Use the Link button to share a link to this file with others. Or, click the Add to Group button Add to Group button, to add this file to an existing Group or create a new group by clicking Create a new group with asset in the dialog box. Audio files cannot be download as part of a Group.

Audio file in ANG

  1. Mouse over the audio screen, to see the Launch fullscreen icon. Clicking this will launch the audio in fullscreen mode where you can experience it alongside other media. To pull in other files for comparison, they must be part of your search results, or a collection or group you have opened. See Working in fullscreen mode for details.

Audio fullscreen compare

  1. Click Exit to exit fullscreen mode.
  2. Navigate back to the thumbnail page using the Back to results link or to the landing page using the Artstor logo.