3D files are temporarily unavailable on the Artstor platform.

Working with 3D files

Some collections in the Artstor Workspace may contain 3D files. These file types are indicated by the (3D icon) icon. 3D files cannot be downloaded. 3D files cannot be downloaded or exported. If you select download from the Image Viewer window, or if you have saved a 3D file to an image group and download or export this group as a zip file, you will retrieve only the thumbnail image in your download/export.

To open and view a 3D file:

  1. Click the (3d) icon or double click on the image thumbnail.
  2. The default is for the file to begin a 3D rotation once opened.
  3. To stop or re-start the rotation, click the3D rotate icon icon.
  4. Close the file using the red x in the upper left corner of your window.