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Filter Groups using Tags
Organize Groups using Tags
Add Tags to a Group
Edit Tags for a Group

Filter Groups using Tags

When you open Groups, either Private, Institutional, Artstor Curated, or Shared with me, you will see a column of tags on the left and the list of Groups on the right. In some cases, the list of Groups is multipage. To quickly filter the list of groups, click on a Tag. This will limit the list of groups you are viewing to only those that have that tag attached to them. Selecting additional tags will further limit the list of Groups.

Click the x at the end of the tag name to remove it as a filter.

Filter Groups with Tags

Organize Groups using Tags

Tags can be used to keep your image groups organized. Applying a tag or multiple tags to a Group, makes an image group even more discoverable.

Applying multiple tags will help refine your list of Groups. For example, if you create six image groups for a course, each one related to a specific lecture, you could name each of the Groups with defining information such as “Early Feminist Works Lecture One” “Early Feminist Works Lecture Two”, “Later Feminist Works Lecture One” “Later Feminist Works Lecture Two” and so on. Then, to recreate the way folders previously sorted your groups, you could apply tags of course number and/or semester to these groups. You could add the tags “ARTH 300” and SPRING 2017” to each of these groups.

Clicking on tags ARTH 300 and SPRING 2017 would show all of the Groups you have created that pertain to both of these tags.

Because all folder titles been converted to tags, when you first login to the new Artstor, you may have several Groups that have the Tag “My Work Folder.” If you wish to remove this tag, it will need to be removed from each Group it is linked to.

Add Tags

To add a tag to a Group, you can do this when you are creating a new Group, or by opening the Group and editing the Group info. When you begin typing in the Tag field, a list of suggested (existing) tags will appear. Tags are case sensitive, so it is possible you might duplicate tags if you use different case, e.g. Sphinx and sphinx would be two, separate tags.

Suggested Tags


Edit Tags

Currently, tags cannot be edited. You must delete the tag from all Groups to which it is attached, then go back and open each of the groups and add the new tag. If you have several groups using the same tag (such as the former folder name “My Work Folder”) you will need to open each of the groups using that tag and edit the group information, remove that tag, save your changes, then repeat with the rest of the groups using that tag.

Edit Tags for a Group