On our new platform the Detail page and Fullscreen mode replace the Image Viewer

The Detail page with Fullscreen mode allows you to open an item in a larger window, view its metadata, work closely with an image using the zoom, pan, rotate, or listen to audio or play a video. You can also Download the item, and Save an item to a Group from this page.

Detail page

Click the center of an item thumbnail to launch the Detail page.

From the detail page, items, depending on their type, can be zoomed, Linked, Downloaded, added to a Group, or launched in fullscreen mode to compare with other images.

The toolbar on the left will appear when you mouse over the image. For images this allows you to zoom, pan, reset, and launch fullscreen mode. Other item types will launch fullscreen from this toolbar.

Buttons for linking, downloading, citing, and adding the item to a Group are found on the right, above the Item Details. Looking for an item ID? It’s the last string of numbers in the browser URL! You can search by this!

Navigate through your open group, search results or open collection using the arrows around the item title.


Options for Items on the Detail Page

Interact Launch fullscreen Play Link Download Add to Group
Images x x x x x
Audio x x x x
Video x x x x
PDF, Excel, Word x x x x
3D x *these files are temporarily still images x *these files are temporarily still images x
Virtual Reality Panoramas / QTVR*  x x x x  (will download jpeg image) x

*search for these files using the search term virtual reality panoramas; they are now called panoramas.

Fullscreen mode

Items can be viewed and presented using fullscreen mode. This is where you can interact with an image at its highest resolution, play media, and compare items.
Fullscreen single image textile 2

Use the toolbar in the upper left to zoom, pan, reset and show/hide the image data.

Exit will close fullscreen mode and return you to the Detail page.

Compare will open a selection panel to allow you to choose more content from your group, results or collection, for comparison. Click Compare again to close this panel. Compare up to 10 items at a time.

Navigate to previous or next items in your search results, group or collection, using the arrows around the item data, at the bottom of the window.


Comparisons in Fullscreen mode

You can pull in up to 10 items to view alongside the first item launched, by clicking the Compare button. Arrange images using drag, drop and zoom.

Toggle the thumbnail panel on and off by clicking Compare

When viewing multiple images, each image will have its own zoom, pan, reset, show data, and close item toolbar. Hover over the item to display its toolbar. Depending on item type, the toolbar may fewer features.

Exit will close fullscreen mode and return you to the Detail page.

Fullscreen Comparison 2