Embedded metadata is found in image files from the Artstor Digital Library. To begin, download the image from the Detail page, then:

View embedded metadata for a downloaded image on a PC

  1. Open the image using photo editing software such as GIMP (free download here) or Photoshop (Photoshop CS2 free download here).
  2. Go to File > Properties and view the advanced properties tab for full metadata.

OR, You can view partial metadata by right-clicking on the file and viewing Details

Windows Embedded data

View embedded metadata for a downloaded image on a Mac

  1. Open the file using the Preview program on your computer.
  2. Go to Tools > Show inspector.
  3. In the popup window click on the information icon tab where you will find the image metadata.

Embedded metadata on Mac


  1. After downloading your image file, locate your file in your computer’s file directory and right or ctrl +click and choose Get Info (Mac).
  2. Under the More Info section of this panel you will find embedded metadata for the image including Title, Dimensions, color space and description.