Artstor has developed the Offline Image Viewer (OIV), an alternative presentation software. OIV allows users to download much larger images from the Digital Library, at up to 3200 pixels on the long side. All Artstor participants have access to this software, which may be used with the over 2 million images in the Digital Library. Users may combine Artstor images with their own content to create digital slide show presentations that feature side-by-side comparisons, zooming and panning, and the ability to customize text on the slides.  The OIV enables users to give reliable classroom presentations using both high-resolution Artstor images and local content without being connected to the Internet.

A few highlights of OIV’s features include:

  • Deliver offline image presentations
  • Zoom and pan while presenting images
  • Combine local and Artstor content to build presentations
  • Create customized “slides” using images and text
  • Save presentations and software to media storage for portability

How do I access OIV?

OIV is available to any Artstor user with a registered user account.  To begin using it, you must download and install OIV on your computer. To install OIV you’ll need to be connected to the Internet and logged in to the Digital Library, but once it’s installed, you can use the OIV offline.

OIV Workspaces

The OIV consists of three main workspaces–the Image Palette, Slide Sorter, and Slide Editor, all of which are defined below.  In addition to managing images and creating slides in these workspaces, you can present with OIV using the two methods defined below.

Image Palette –  the Image Palette shows all the images that have been imported to your OIV for use in your current presentation.  From the Image Palette, you can import additional images, view image data, rotate images, and create new slides or drag-and-drop to add an image to a slide in the Slide Editor.  To learn more about importing and managing images, see: Importing Images and Organizing and Managing Images.

Slide Sorter – the Slide Sorter shows thumbnail images of all the slides in your current presentation.  From the Slide Sorter, you can create or delete slides, scroll through existing slides, or drag and drop to re-order slides.  To learn more about managing slides, see Creating and Editing Slides.

Slide Editor – the Slide Editor window allows you to make changes to a single slide.  You can create a new slide (which will be added to the end of your current presentation) or add and edit images, text, shapes and slide layouts.  To learn more about creating slides, see: Creating and Editing Slides.

By default, all three of these workspaces will be visible when you open OIV.  To learn more about customizing your OIV workspace, please see: Workspace customization.

Presentations – the OIV offers two methods of presenting:

To learn more about these presentation options, please see: OIV Presentations.