Offline Image Viewer (OIV)

Transitioning from the OIV to other tools

Artstor provides a cloud-based platform for the world’s digitized visual culture that includes tools for classroom teaching and research. Sets of images and other media can be saved, accessed, shared, and studied from anywhere, providing teachers and students a flexible environment in which to work with high-quality visual materials. The Offline Image Viewer (OIV) is […]

About OIV

Artstor has developed the Offline Image Viewer (OIV), an alternative presentation software. OIV allows users to download much larger images from the Digital Library, at up to 3200 pixels on the long side. All Artstor participants have access to this software, which may be used with the over 2 million images in the Digital Library. […]

Download the OIV

We now offer the OIV client as a download through this site. You are required to complete the form in the link below, after which the OIV download options will be presented to you. Before installing the latest version of OIV, make sure you have uninstalled all previous versions. You can uninstall previous versions by […]

Installing OIV

NEW for Release 4.1 Non-admin accounts can launch OIV on Windows machines, without requiring administrator login credentials, and without the User Account Settings being lowered in the computer’s default security settings. on this page… Downloading and installing OIV for PCs Downloading and installing OIV for Mac For PCs Fill out the form on our download […]

OIV Authentication

on this page… Manual authentication Quick tips about authentication Manual authentication You may manually re-authenticate OIV at any time. Click on the “Help” toolbar menu and select the “Authenticate OIV” option. In the window, click on the “Authenticate Now” button. Log onto your Artstor account (Enter your email address and password, and then click on […]

Importing Images to OIV

On this page… Importing Artstor Groups to OIV Importing your local files to OIV Import a PowerPoint presentation to OIV Artstor Groups To download an Artstor Group into OIV: Click Insert > Image Group(s) from Artstor… or click the “Download image group(s) from Artstor” icon , which is located in the upper left corner of the […]

Organizing and Managing Images in OIV image palette

On this page… Rearrange images Delete images Rotate images Print images Display data Edit data Upload images Rearrange images In the Image Palette, use your mouse to drag and drop image(s) to rearrange their order. You can move individual images or multiple images. Individual images Click on an image to select it. Hold down your […]

Creating and Editing Slides in OIV

On this page… Create New Slides From a Blank Template Generate New Slides from Selected Image(s) Work with Images on Slides Work with Text on Slides Work with Shapes on Slides Work with Slide Layouts Rearrange Slides Delete Slides Create New Slides – Best Practices In order to create the sharpest images in your OIV […]

OIV Presentations

On this page… OIV Presentation Options OIV Image Palette Presentation OIV Slide Presentation Dual-Screen Presentations OIV Presentation Options Once you’ve imported images to the OIV, you have several presentation options.  You can present directly from the Image Palette without making slides, or you can create and edit slides which can be presented as an OIV […]

Converting and Saving OIV Presentations

On this page… Save OIV Presentation as PDF Save OIV Slide Presentation as Powerpoint Exporting from the Palette Exporting to Preserve Editable Text Save presentation as an OIV File Export presentation Upload presentation Creating smaller presentation files (OIV file size limits) Transport OIV files Save presentation as PDF You may print individual slides or the […]

Convert an OIV presentation to PowerPoint – Mac only

For Mac users, you can use the print feature to create PDF-style pages from your presentation, that you can then open in PowerPoint and present as usual. Choose File from the menu, then choose Print–>Slides. The dialog window will display several print templates, choose the first layout that shows a single, gray box and adjust margins […]

Guide to keyboard shortcuts, icons and shortcut menus in OIV

These are the standard keyboard shortcuts and shortcut menu options for OIV. To access the shortcut menu for a particular workspace, right- or (Control-) click with your mouse within the desired pane or during your presentation. If you would like to assign different keyboard shortcuts to various functions, please see: Changing keyboard shortcuts. On this […]

Guide to OIV slide templates

These are the slide templates available for slide presentations created from the Image Palette and from the Slide Sorter menu: The plain gray box is a placeholder for a static image. Lines represent text boxes. The magnifying glass on top of a gray box represents a zoomable image.  

Guide to OIV toolbar menu options

On this page… File menu Edit menu Insert menu Format menu View menu Help menu File menu New: Create a new presentation file. A new instance of OIV will open. Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl- (or ) N. Open…: Open an existing presentation file. A new window with your computer’s directory will appear. Browse to the location […]

User Preferences for OIV

On this page… Preferences dialog Messaging preferences Workspace customization Preferences dialog Open the OIV and click Edit. Or, on a Mac, click Artstor OIV in the toolbar menu. Click Preferences… A new window will open, offering five different tabs for editing user preferences. Please note: If you are not the administrator on your computer you […]

OIV Release Notes

Guide to New Features, Bug Fixes, and Known Issues Status Key (for Known Issues): Investigating: Our User Support and Technology teams are investigating the issue. Logged: Our Technology team has confirmed that a software update is needed to resolve the issue. Scheduled: The fix has been scheduled for a specific date. Resolved: The issue has […]

System Requirements for OIV

Please find below the technical specifications for OIV 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 Platform Memory Processor Speed Operating System Java PC 512MB required1GB recommended 1.5GHz required3GHz recommended Windows Vista Windows 8, Windows 10 5+ Mac OS X 256MB required1GB recommended 800 MHz required1.2 GHz recommended 10.7 (Lion) 10.8 (Mountain Lion) 10.9 (Mavericks) 10.10 (Yosemite) 5+ OIV is not compatible […]

Troubleshooting OIV

On this page… I use OIV on campus, but would also like to use it at home, or while traveling I would like to reuse slides I’ve already created in another OIV presentation I prefer colors and/or font settings other than the OIV defaults I would like to present on two screens simultaneously I prefer […]

OIV Workflow Overview

Below is an outline of how a user can get started with OIV to create and share presentations: Download and install OIV on your computer. Build and organize a collection of local and Artstor images in the Image Palette. You can now give an Image Palette Presentation OR Use these images to create presentation slides, […]

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