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Advanced search by institutional collection & collection indicator (12/11/17)

  • Advanced searching by a specific institutional collection is now available. Within the advanced search panel, underneath institutional collections, you will be able to select specific collections from your institution if multiple are available.

  • On the detail page at the top of the item details panel, you will now see an indicator showing which collection the item is from. See our thumbnails icon page for details on these collection types.

Shibboleth linking to Artstor accounts is back (11/27/17)

Mini-viewer, Navigation and icon changes (11/13/17)

  • The comparison mode icon in our fullscreen view has changed.
  • We have a new mini viewer on the detail page so you can see where you’ve zoomed.
  • You can now keyboard navigate through groups or results on the detail page.

Citations are back (11/7/17)

We have improved our citation tool and you can now generate a citation for an asset in the Digital Library!

New admin tool released (11/2/17)

A new version of the admin site is available, where you can manage your institution’s user accounts. You can view the new site at admin.artstor.org  or learn how it works here.

Usage Report data changes (beginning July 2017)

Statistics gathered since July 2017 (new platform release) reflect the following:

  • Stats related to personal notes, instructor notes, and citations are not available. These features are currently retired but still appear on our reports with zero usage.
  • Stats related to personal collections are currently showing no usage. This will be updated as we bring back personal collection functionality.
  • “Create folder” shows usage for tagging of groups, which has replaced folders.
  • “View metadata” is still tracked although not a visible action to end-users.
  • Stats for the new search functionality we launched in early October are in-progress and will be available soon.

Register with your JSTOR account (10/28/17)

You can now register for an Artstor account using your JSTOR registered user credentials. Simply register using the same email address and password you used when you set up your JSTOR account.

Updates on our improved search (10/16/17)

We are continuing to refine our search functionality. Search results might appear in a different order than previously experienced, as we continue to implement additional changes. Please reach out to support@artstor.org with any questions.

New note regarding search: User-created classification filters are now available. If your search results include content created by institutions using Shared Shelf, you may see custom classifications in the filtering panel, in addition to Artstor’s original sixteen.

IAP: In order to retrieve IAP images, you must use the keyword search phrase: artstorid:”IAP” (search must use the quotation marks around IAP)

Metropolitan Museum of Art cc0 collection: This collection is temporarily unavailable as a keyword search; searches for “creative commons zero” or “cc0” will not yield results. To open the collection directly, please use the collection link under Browse>Open Collections and locate The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Improved Search (10/5/17)

We’ve improved our search functionality! Searches are now faster with more relevant results. If you experience issues with a search please clear your cache.

As part of this improvement we’ve also fixed bugs associated with search filters, including issues with selected filters resetting the parameters of searches, and occasional timeouts of advanced searches which include many selections.

Suggested Tags (9/22/17)

When adding/editing tags for a Group, a list of suggested tags (tags already in existence) will appear for you to choose from.

Download an Image Detail (9/19/17)

You can now download a zoomed portion of an image from the Detail page. Detailed steps can be found here.

View LARGE thumbnails is back (8/22/17)

Large Thumbs

Were you missing flashcard mode on the old mobile site? We now have Quiz mode! (8/18/17)

We’ve updated our EZProxy settings. (8/18/17)

Group tags are displayed in group details – start a search using them!

Tags in Group Display

New! Search Groups

You can now search your groups by Type, using keywords, and applying Tags.

We’ve updated the update!

New features include the ability to hide/unhide an image group description and the option to print a single item with full data from the Detail page.

July 2017 – Welcome to the new Artstor Digital Library!

The new Artstor Digital Library features cleaner design and streamlined features. Watch the above video tour, or read below for a list of changes we’ve made. You might also want to read about changes to your password-protected folders and personal collections.

Updated and new features:

  • Our new IIIF image viewer allows you to view images full screen, and a new comparison mode allows you to compare up to 10 images at once while zooming on details.
  • Anyone with a registered account can share image groups, not just those with instructor privileges. Students can easily share image groups with their teachers and classmates.
  • Image groups can bet set to private or institutional (viewable to everyone at your institution). Private image groups can be shared with select people by sharing the URL. Private image groups shared with you will be saved under the “shared with me” header on the image groups page.
  • Image groups can now be shared across institutions via the URL. Any local images (such as those from your Shared Shelf collections) will not be visible to users at other institutions.
  • Advanced search no longer requires a keyword. You can now select multiple criteria such as date, classification, and geography to view all images in Artstor meeting those criteria.
  • Tags replace the folder system.
  • Image groups open directly from the Digital Library home page under the “Image Groups” header.
  • Images open on the detail page (instead of a pop up window), with metadata to the right of the image. You can link directly to this page.
  • Links saved on LibGuides, course websites, etc. will redirect to the new site.
  • The citation generator has been temporarily removed from the site and will return soon.
  • Image detail views saved into groups will revert to the full version of the image. You cannot currently save details to groups. This functionality will return soon.
  • The platform is now mobile-friendly. Save image groups from your iPad!
  • Uploading of OIV presentations into personal collections has been retired. If you need to share OIV presentations with students, please convert them to PDFs.

Artstor Admins can download this Toolkit with customizable PDFs and reusable graphics!

Password-protected folders

Password-protected folders previously shared with other Artstor users at your institution are now private. To re-share the image groups from the folder with a select group of people, generate a URL for the image group and send it to them. Although the groups are private, those you share the URL with will be able to view them. Once they open the group URL, the group will show up under the “Shared with me” header on the image groups page.

Personal collections

Personal collections cannot currently be edited or added to. Any images you have uploaded to your personal collection and made publicly available are accessible through search, and can be added to image groups and shared. Personal collection management will return in the fall of 2017.

April 2017 – A New Artstor is coming!

Artstor is thrilled to announce that we will be releasing an improved Digital Library this summer. The new platform will feature a redesigned interface, streamlined features, and will run on the same backend technology that currently powers JSTOR.

Immediate upcoming improvements include:

  • A new full screen IIIF image viewer with side-by-side comparison mode (no pop-ups or Flash required)
  • Simplified image group sharing: all registered users (previously limited to instructors) will now be able to share image groups at your institution
  • Increased web accessibility for users with disabilities
  • Shorter URLs for easier linking in LibGuides, course websites, emails, and more
  • Mobile friendly – same experience on desktops and devices

Please feel free to contact us at support@artstor.org with any questions.

September 2016 – Updated Features

  • Links in the Digital Library from Help now bring users to support.artstor.org pages.
  • Radio buttons beneath “Search by date or date range” have been removed, to provide more complete search results.
  • When browsing an Institutional Collection, the quick search box will automatically be narrowed down to that single institutional collection.
  • The terms and conditions page viewed when downloading an image from the Artstor Digital Library now includes text, notifying users that the descriptive information about the image is embedded in the image file.

Full release notes can be viewed on the Release Notes page.

August 2016 – OIV 4.1 Release

  • Removal of the slide numbering in slide presentations
  • The inactive launch image viewer button in the slideshow and palette presentation is now active
  • When installing OIV 4.1, non-administrators can launch OIV on Windows machines, without requiring administrator login credentials, and without the User Account Settings being lowered in the computer’s default security settings.
  • Slide presentation images using a zoomable slide template no longer requires Java version 1.6 for non-pixelation. When zooming into an image, additional images on that slide will remain clear.

Full release notes can be found on the OIV Release Notes page.

June 2016 – Updated Features

  • Shared Shelf Commons audio files and audio files from Institution’s Shared Shelf Collections will play using the Kaltura viewer (not Quicktime or Flash). Personal Collection audio files will still use Quicktime player. See Working with Audio files for more details.
  • For all Windows OS, we no longer support Safari browser.
  • For Mac, we do not support Safari browser for OS X 10.5 and 10.6. For later versions of OSX we do support the Safari browser.
  • See this page for more browser support details.

March 2016 – New Features

We are happy to announce new features in the Artstor Digital Library which include:

  • Embedded Metadata: Embedded Metadata is now available for users. Images in the Digital Library can now be downloaded as a single file with embedded metadata. By embedding the data, we no longer need to require you to download two files in a .zip when you just want an image. If you still require the metadata file, you can now download it separately from the metadata window.
  • Audio Files: Shared Shelf Audio files in the Digital Library no longer require QuickTime for playback. For these files, users can now select any plugin to play the audio files in their browsers.

Please see the release notes page for details.

Twitter chat on Visual Literacy, Tuesday, February 10, 2016

Thanks for joining us to to share your experiences, successes, and challenges—and your questions—on teaching Visual Literacy. View the archive of this chat here

September 2014 – OIV 4.0 update

In response to our community’s feedback we are pleased to announce an upgrade for the Offline Image Viewer 4.0. With this release, users are no longer given multiple authentication messages when opening and performing other actions within the OIV.

Kindly be advised that it is normal behavior to authenticate when importing Digital Library media into the OIV and to authenticate the OIV every 120 days when you are accessing off-campus. Please see OIV authentication for further details.

To access this new version, uninstall any previous versions of the OIV, log into your account, and install the OIV 4.0 using these instructions . Please note that although this is an updated version, it is still labeled the OIV 4.0.

To get the full details of this new release please visit the release notes page.


May 2015 – New Features

  • Shared Shelf Commons Collections are now available alongside content in the Digital Library and images in these collections are identified with an 03 Light_SSC_Normal icon. Shared Shelf Commons is also an option under the Collection facets of Filters and Advanced Search.
  • Teaching Resources replaces the Featured Groups heading and includes all of the same content (Surveys, Curriculum Guides, Case Studies and AP® Resources).
  • Full Screen (Non-popup) Viewer is now an option for image URLs and image group URLs. Sharing content with this option allows users to bypass popup blockers.
  • Internet Explorer 11 has improved support in this release.

This release also includes development of subject-specific portals, such as SAHARA, as well as others that have not yet been released.

Learn more about new features and tools:

Discover new content & collections in the Digital Library:

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