Panorama files (formerly QTVR)

Panorama files  (formerly called QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) files) are photographic panoramas that allow you to view an environment by panning 360° around a central point. These files cannot be downloaded or exported (i.e. to Powerpoint as part of a group, or to OIV).  If you have saved a panorama file to an image group and download or export this group as a zip file, you will retrieve only the thumbnail image in your download/export. Similarly, if you select download from the detail page for one of these files, you will download a still, jpeg image file. Search for these files using phrase: virtual reality panoramas

To view a panorama file:

  1. Open the file on the detail page.
  2. The tools to pan around the image will be available when you hover over the image. The image will respond to your movements, allowing you to turn 360° within the displayed space.
  3. Launch the panorama in fullscreen mode using the launch fullscreen icon