QTVR files are not immediately available on our new platform.


QuickTime Virtual Reality files

QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) files are photographic panoramas that allow you to view an environment by panning 360° around a central point. QTVR files cannot be downloaded or exported. If you select download from the Image Viewer window, or if you have saved a QTVR file to an image group and download or export this group as a zip file, you will retrieve only the thumbnail image in your download/export.

Google Chrome is eliminating their support of QuickTime files. We recommend you use an alternative browser (Firefox, Safari or IE) if you wish to access our QTVR files in the digital library. When selecting a QTVR file to open in your Chrome browser, you will see this message:

QTVR and Chrome

To view a QTVR file:

  1. Click qtvr1 (the QTVR icon) under the thumbnail to launch the QuickTime player window.
  2. OR double click the image thumbnail to open the Image Viewer, then from the bottom of this window click the qtvr1icon to launch the player. Please note: You will need QuickTime Player installed on your computer to view these files. You can download a free copy of this software online.
  3. Once the QTVR file has loaded in the QuickTime Player window, click into the window and drag the pointer in various directions to pan the view. The image will respond to your movements, allowing you to turn 360° within the displayed space
  4. Use the Mellon QTVR zoom icons to zoom-out and zoom-in to the image.

Quick tip

If you are viewing a QTVR file from the Mellon International Dunhuang Archive, you have access to an additional icon in the lower left corner of the QuickTime Player window. Click Mellon QTVR hot spots(the Show Hot Spots icon) to display several blue zones within the image. Click into these blue zones to change your vantage point within the cave that you are viewing.

Tip for Macs

If your quicktime player in Safari or Firefox is no longer loading the QuickTime plugin when you try to access the QTVR files, the apple support site has provided instructions on how to re-activate the plugin, allowing you to view QTVR files.