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Upload process
Supported file types
File size upload recommendations
Storage limits
Upload messaging for Personal Collections
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Upload process

Your personal collection is now available for uploading image files.

  1. From the landing page menu bar choose Organize > Upload images to personal collection
  2. Or, choose Browse, then click the edit button next to My Personal Collection

  1. Browse to select files to upload; when they’ve finished loading click Done.
  2. You can now add data to the media you’ve uploaded, or close the window.

  1. If you choose to edit data now, click a thumbnail to expose the data fields:

  1. Select a field to add data, then click Save.

Work Type

  1. Click the next thumbnail to add data, or choose Close.

Supported file types

Image types: .png (with alpha transparency), .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .tiff, .jp2 / jpeg 2000, .cr2, .gif, .psd, .ai, .bmp, .eps, .nef, .svg, multi-page tiffs

File size upload recommendations

There is no limit to the file sizes that can be uploaded, however we do recommend keeping uploads to under 20GB.

Storage limits

Personal collection storage is limited to 1 GB per user and 100 GB per institution. If you previously met the limit and your storage limit was increased, we will respect the increased limit. If you are continually exceeding the limit, you may want to consider using JSTOR Forum at your institution.

Upload messaging for Personal Collections

When adding content to your personal collection, their appearance in your collection may be delayed due to local network speed and system-traffic. A lag between publication and display is common with larger uploads and slow networks; expect a shorter lag between small files and faster connections.

You may see the following message when selecting files to upload:
There may be a delay of up to 30 minutes before recently uploaded images will be ready to view and share.
The appearance of uploaded files depend on file size, network speed, and system traffic.

You may see the following message immediately following an upload:
Processing Delay We’re sorry, there was a processing error. 1 image was re-added to the publishing queue.
The files have been placed in the publishing queue and will appear in your collection when processing is complete.

More information about JSTOR Forum

Personal Collections uses JSTOR Forum to manage your content. You can catalog and share larger collections, plus publish to additional locations when licensing the full program. Learn more on the JSTOR Forum about page.