QTVR files are not immediately available on our new platform.


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Step 1: Use a compatible web browser
Step 2: Move the plug file to the active plug-in folder
Step 3 for Macs: Allow QTVRs to play
Step 3 for Windows: Allow QTVRs to play

Switch your web browser

For Windows machines use IE

For Mac machine use Safari

Move the Plug-in file to active folder

If you are using the Safari or Firefox browser on a Windows machine, or if you are using a Mac computer running any of the following operating systems:

  • Sierra
  • El Capitan
  • Yosemite
  • Mavericks

You may see a message that your browser is missing the QuickTime plugin or that the qtvr file is corrupt. Please follow the instructions on the apple support site on how to re-activate the plugin, allowing you to view QTVR files.

Mac + Safari users

After you follow the steps on the Apple support page, and re-launch Safari, you may see this message:


Under the Safari menu choose Preferences > Security. Click on the button “Plug-in Settings” next to Internet plug-ins.

Click the checkbox next to QuickTime to enable its use for Artstor QTVR files.

QuickTime install 2

Click Done, then restart Safari again.

Windows + IE users

If you launch a QTVR file and see this message:

Allow popups on Artstor

To allow popups in your browser, click Options for this site, then choose Always allow. The opening of the qtvr file will prompt the Quicktime Unavailable message:

Go to QuickTime to download

Click Yes, to launch the QuickTime for Windows installer:

QT installer

After you click through the installer steps and re-launch your browser, you may see this message; click Allow.

Allow QT installer

You may need to restart IE to launch the QTVR file.