About Thumbnail icons

There are several icons that might appear next to an image thumbnail.

iconIAP Images for Academic Publishing
icon Related media View Related Media – click to see other images of the same work, whether duplicates, details, or alternate views that have been clustered behind this preferred image.
iconOthersInterestedIn Others are also interested in – click to go to a new thumbnail page showing, in order of frequency, other media most often saved to image groups with the lead image, by instructor users.
Video icon Video file
Panorama (formerly QTVR files)
audio Audio file
3D icon 3D file
iconPersonalCollection Private Collection – items you have added to your own, private collection.
iconShSh Institutional Collection – Check the rights statement for each image.
image A Artstor Digital Library – Covered by Artstor Digital Library’s indemnification clause when used for educational purposes as described in our Terms and Conditions of Use.
Open Artstor – These images have differing rights information and allowed uses from the main Artstor Digital Library collections. Check the rights statement for each image.
03 Light_SSC_Normal Public Collection