About Proxy Access

If your institution utilizes a proxy, we can provide your users with direct access to it via our institutional login. Simply provide us with your institution’s proxy URL and we will add it to the institutional login list.

If you are including the Digital Library URL in your proxy URL, please be sure to use: library.artstor.org, so that your users are routed directly to the Digital Library.

Proxy settings


HTTPHeader X-requested-with
HTTPHeader Accept-Encoding
T Artstor
U https://library.artstor.org
DJ artstor.org
HJ library.artstor.org
HJ proxy.library.artstor.org


Restart your EZProxy server for the changes to take effect.

Please note that the Anonymous URL settings were removed on August 29, 2016

If you have any further questions related to the EZProxy entry, please let us know.


For Innovative, please see that you have WAM forward table entries for these three hosts:

  • www.artstor.org
  • library.artstor.org
  • web2.artstor.org

DO NOT create a wildcard entry, such as *.artstor.org. Please be sure to NEVER PROXY viewer.artstor.org and viewer2.artstor.org.