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Customized Group Training

Artstor User Support is always happy to provide free, online training for a group of users at your institution or support you in developing your own training session. Contact us for more information or to arrange a customized training for your group.

Webinars & Videos

All users are welcome to register for our regularly scheduled webinars, and we also have training videos that can be accessed at any time. You are welcome to promote or link to them in LibGuides or any other materials for your users.

Institution-led PowerPoint Presentation

Coming soon!


Artstor’s LibGuides are available for librarians, faculty, and students–feel free to copy our guides and reuse as you see fit:


Digital Promotional Materials

Promotional Images

We’ve made available a number of images for you to use freely to promote Artstor Digital Library to faculty, students, and other users. Use these images on LibGuides, your website, and more. Feel free to crop, adjust the colors, overlay text, or edit in any other way.

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Printable Promotional Materials

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On our public site you can also access:

Curriculum Guides

Subject Guides

You can also contact us to have promotional materials mailed to you.


The Artstor Digital Library includes several remote access options and mobile tools that can help increase access throughout your institution.

Proxy & VPN

Artstor Digital Library is compatible with VPNs and the major proxy service providers, including OCLC’s EZproxy and Innovative Interfaces, and remote users can access your proxy directly from our institutional login. See Technical Information – Proxy Setup or contact us for more information.

Shibboleth Single Sign-on

Artstor has partnered with several Shibboleth federations, including InCommon. Contact us for more information or to enable Shibboleth single sign-on access for your institution.

User Accounts

Users who register for an Artstor Digital Library user account will be able to access the Digital Library remotely for a renewable period of 120 days. Each time users log in to their accounts from on-campus or the proxy, that 120-day grace period is renewed. User accounts also provide access to many other features in the Digital Library, including the ability to organize and download media.


Discovery Services

Artstor has partnered with the major discovery services, including:

  • Ex Libris Primo and MetaLib
  • ProQuest Summon, 360 Search, and CSA Illumina
  • EBSCO Discovery Service, Integrated Search
  • Credo Reference
  • Paratext 19th Century Masterfile
  • Coming Soon! OCLC WorldCat Local

Using another discovery service or a locally-developed system, such as MDID? Contact us for more information on integrating Artstor Digital Library content into your system.