Items can be printed from Groups or directly from your web browser. Printing a Group allows for students and faculty to quickly make study flashcards for offline classroom activities.

Print Groups

  1. Open a Group.
  2. In the menu, click Share > Print Group.
  3. The page layout will change to display the group description at top (if one exists), followed by a medium-size image. Each item will have data displayed for the fields artist, title and date. Multimedia files will show either the default thumbnail, or their image thumbnail.
  4. In your browser’s toolbar menu click File > Print. Please note: You may also choose to save the Group print preview as a PDF, which can be posted on a course web site.
  5. Use the back button on your browser to return to the Group page.

Print an Item

  1. Click an item thumbnail to open the Detail page.
  2. Click the Print button to open a page with a medium-sized image and the full metadata. Use your browser to print this page.