Guide to New Features, Bug Fixes, and Known Issues

  • Status Key (for Known Issues):
    • Investigating: Our User Support and Technology teams are investigating the issue.
    • Logged: Our Technology team has confirmed that a software update is needed to resolve the issue.
    • Scheduled: The fix has been scheduled for a specific date.
    • Resolved: The issue has been fixed.
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March 2018 Re-authentication removed

OIV no longer requires authentication every 120 days. You will now only need to enter your Artstor credentials once to connect OIV to your account when downloading new groups. Opening existing presentations does not require authentication.

August 2016 OIV 4.1 Release

Watch a video showing changes in 4.1

Bug Fixes

  • Launch image viewer icon: When clicking the image viewer icon in an image palette presentation or a slide presentation, the image viewer will open the image in the Digital Library’s Image Viewer.
  • Slide presentation images using a zoomable slide template – Zoomable slides no longer require Java version 6 for non-pixelation. When zooming into an image, additional images in a zoomable slide will remain clear with newer version of Java as well.
  • Incorrect login – When the incorrect username or password is used to signing within OIV, the message will now read “Authentication error, the username/password you supplied does not match our records.”
  • Non-administrator access to OIV: Non-admin accounts can launch OIV on Windows machines, without requiring administrator login credentials, and without the User Account Settings being lowered in the computer’s default security settings.


  • OIV Slide Presentation – When in presentation mode, slide numbers will not appear on the slides

Known Issues

  • Changing the memory settings preferences for OIV on a Windows machine requires a one-time workaround to save the settings.
  • Launch image viewer icon: this works for presentation files created after the installation of the updated release. For presentations created between March 2016 August 15th (or date when 4.1 was downloaded to users machine), the launch image viewer icon will not function. Work around: download the images again to the presentation using version 4.1

September 2015 – 4.0 update

Bug Fixes

  • Persistent Authentication Prompts: You should no longer receive persistent prompts to authenticate the OIV.
    • Note: You should be prompted to authenticate if (1) you are off-campus, and it is the first time that you are opening the OIV after installing it, (2) you have not opened the OIV from on-campus or have not authenticated the OIV in the past 120 days, or (3) you are importing Digital Library media into the OIV. See OIV Authentication for more information.

Known Issues

  • Hyperlink Display Text: You cannot edit the hyperlink display text.
    • Status: Logged – September 2015
    • Work-around: Delete the text/hyperlink, add the display text that you want, and re-add the hyperlink.
  • Multi-line Hyperlinks: If you add a hyperlink to multiple lines of text, it will only work for the first line in Slide Presentation mode.
    • Status: Logged – September 2015
  • Launch Media Icon: If your default browser is Chrome or Firefox, and you click on the Launch Media Icon in the Slide Editor, duplicate browser windows will open.
    • Status: Logged – September 2015
  • Font: In Windows 8, the color option and cancel button will be cut off in the font window.
    • Status: Logged – September 2015
  • Incorrect Authentication Credentials: If you attempt to authenticate with the wrong credentials, you will see the error: “Invalid response code from server: 403”.
    • Status: Logged – October 2014
  • Toggle Floating Mode: When the Slide Sorter or Image Palette is in Toggle Floating Mode, you may experience difficulty with some of the functions.
    • Status: Logged – October 2014
    • Work-around: Click the Toggle Floating button again to reset your view or reset to default layout from the View menu.
  • Windows 7 Security Warnings: In Windows 7, you may receive security warnings when using the OIV.

October 2014

New Features

  • Operating System Compatibility:
    • Windows Vista, 8
    • Mac OS X 10.7-10.10
  • Legacy OIV Version Compatibility: OIV 3.0 can open OIV 2.x + presentation files and you can save OIV 3.0 presentations in legacy format, so that they can be opened by OIV 2.x +. (Please note that saving an OIV 3.0 presentation in legacy format will disable new OIV 3.0 features, such as Image Viewer linking.)
  • Link to Image Viewer: Click the Launch Image Viewer icon on an image or slide to view the image in the Image Viewer in the Digital Library.
  • Embedded Hyperlinks: Hyperlinks can now be embedded into OIV slides, which allows you to include video and other multimedia into your presentation.

Bug Fixes

  • Dual Screen Presentations: When using Dual Screen Presentation mode, slides will advance in pairs – screen 1 will show odd-numbered slides, screen 2 will show even-numbered slides.

Known Issues

Note: For information on releases prior to October 2014, please contact Artstor User Support:

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