As part of a subscribing Secondary School organization, you have access to the Digital Library through these methods:

IP Authentication

If you have provided us with the IP addresses for your school, users can access the Digital Library when using a school computer or by accessing the network with their own computer

Artstor Digital Library User Accounts

Registering for an Artstor User Account through IP authentication, provides users with access to many additional features in the Digital Library, including 120-days of remote access, as well as the ability to create groups and download images. This 120-day remote access grace period is renewable – every time a user logs into their account from an IP address that’s activated for their institution (i.e. from a school computer or the school network), the 120-day remote access period is renewed. Registered user accounts must be created while on the school network.

Some K-12 institutions prefer to create “pseudo” accounts and share these across the student population. This account may have a generic (or even invalid) email address as the login. Please note that in using an invalid email address and sharing a single user account across multiple users, you forego the ability to retrieve a lost password. You will need to contact support for assistance with this process. Also, sharing a registered user account allows any image groups created with this login, to be viewed by all users accessing the Artstor Digital Library with that login. You also will be unable to receive email notifications from Artstor.