Thumbnails display when you: perform a search; browse a collection; or open a group.

Switch from viewing small thumbnails, to large thumbnails, using the box icons. Both small and large thumbnails will display tombstone data beneath them.

Large Thumbs

Thumbnail Viewing Options

  • Some thumbnails may have additional icons beneath them. Clicking these icons icon Related mediaView related media and iconOthersInterestedInOthers are also interested in, will show new results. Use your browser’s back button to return to the previous page.
  • Click the navigational arrows on the right side of the page (top and bottom) to move between pages.
  • Choose a desired sort order from the left side, under the utility bar, to sort your results by Relevance, Title, Creator, or Date.
  • To select multiple thumbnails for further actions, click Basic RGB Select to activate selection mode.
  • Click the center of an item thumbnail to view it on the Detail page