On the new Artstor platform, Folders have been removed; Sharing is now at the Group level.

What are Groups

Groups are a saved selection of up to 1,000 items that can be edited, tagged, have a description added to it, shared with others, and downloaded. All registered users can create groups.

Search Groups

From the Group page, click Search and enter a word or phrase from the group title. You can also filter your results by applying tags and selecting a group type, or by Recently Modified–the default view is an alphabetical sort.

Browse Groups

From the landing page, click Browse in the menu and choose Groups

About group types:

Private – Groups created by you and set to the view setting “only me.” These groups may or may not have been shared with other users at your institution using the generate image group link feature.
Institutional – Groups created by you, or other registered users, and shared with your institution using the view setting “this institution.”
Shared by me – these are groups you own and have shared. The method of sharing is reflected in the group preview type, either shared privately, or shared institutionally. All of your institutionally shared groups will also be listed under Institutional.
• Artstor Curated – Groups curated by Artstor to highlight content, collection, topics, or themes. Available to all subscribers of Artstor.
Shared with me – Groups that have been created by another user, set as viewable by “only me” (the group owner), then shared directly with you via a Group link.


You can sort a list of groups by clicking on a tag or tags —selecting multiple tags will further limit the list of Groups on the right. Open a Group by clicking on its title.

If you see only Institutional and Artstor Curated, this indicates you are not logged in to your registered user account.