Here are a few examples of what this process may look like in your browser on a Mac:

Please note: Zip files may download into your Downloads folder but the location may vary depending on your machine’s default download location.

Mozilla Firefox

After choosing an image to download, click Save File.


Locate and click on your zip file from either the Firefox browser toolbar (pictured below) or from the Downloads folder on your computer’s toolbar.


This will automatically unzip to provide you with access to your JPEG and HTML files.


In Safari, after choosing your image to download, the file will save to your download folder (unless you have specified otherwise) and can be selected from your computer’s toolbar.


Upon clicking the folder icon for your image, the file will automatically unzip.

Google Chrome

Within Google Chrome, the downloaded file will appear in the bottom of the image viewer window.


Double-click on the downloaded file or click on the drop-down arrow and select Open or Always Open Files of This Type.


Your file will automatically unzip. The html and jpeg files can be found in a folder within your Downloads folder.