We now offer the OIV client as a download through this site. You are required to complete the form in the link below, after which the OIV download options will be presented to you.
Before installing the latest version of OIV, make sure you have uninstalled all previous versions. You can uninstall previous versions by searching for OIV on your machine, and selecting the “Uninstall OIV” program.

Begin the OIV download process

Note: If you are running macOS Mojave, you may not be able to use OIV due to incompatibility with more recent versions of Java. You can download the legacy version of JAVA for Mac on the Apple site

Please also note that the OIV is a 32-bit application, and all future operating systems after Mojave 10.14 will only support 64 bit applications. Unfortunately, this incompatibility is something we are not able to resolve. In light of this, we recommend users backup their OIV presentations to PowerPoint or to PDF to ensure continued access to their presentations regardless of any changes made by Apple. If you have any questions about the process of backing up your files, or you are using Mojave and experiencing issues with OIV, please reach out to us at support@artstor.org.

Note: Files created in OIV 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 are not compatible with earlier (3.x, 2.x) versions of the software.Users do have the option of exporting their OIV 4.x presentation files into a legacy format that can be opened in older versions of OIV.

After completing the download

  1. When the program opens for the first time, a Getting Started guide will appear, asking you “What you would like to do?” You can choose to create a new presentation (from Artstor images or your own local images), or open an existing presentation (one created in OIV or in PowerPoint). Click the radio button next to an option and then click OK to begin using OIV. This Getting Started guide will appear each time you start the OIV program. You may check the box at the bottom of the window so that this dialog no longer appears at startup.
  2. If you are using OIV while off campus, the first time that you open the program after installation you may see a window prompting you to authenticate the software. You can do this by clicking on the “Authenticate Now” button and entering the email address and password for your Artstor account. For more information, please see: Authentication.

Please contact User Support with any questions.