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About Linking
Link to an Item
Link to a Group
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Link to a Collection
Use a private group link shared with you

About Linking

Use links to share single items, groups of items, and collections, with other users at your institution. These links can be shared with others via email, course syllabus, or embedded in an LMS or course website. A registered user can share a link with other users at an Artstor subscribing institution. Please note: Users clicking shared links must be within an authorized IP range to view them, such as on-campus, or be logged in remotely

Link to an item

Item links to Artstor Digital Library content can be shared between subscribing institutions.

  1. Find your desired item; click the center of the thumbnail to open the Detail page.
  2. Click Copy on the right side of the page. The link will be copied to your clipboard.
  3. Use Ctrl/Cmd+V on your keyboard, or right/Ctrl click for the menu, to paste the link for sharing.

Link to a Group

Links to private groups can be shared between registered (and logged in) users at any subscribing institution. Only content from the Artstor Digital Library within the private group will be viewable to users at other institutions — Personal Collection content and Shared Shelf Institutional Collection content will not be shown. Once shared, those groups will appear under Shared with me.

Artstor Curated Group links can be shared between all subscribers.

Institutional Group links can only be shared at your institution.

To share a private group, you must Generate an image group link. To Generate an image group link, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Group you wish to share. This can be a Private, Institutional, Artstor Curated, or a group that has been shared with you.
  2. From the menu choose Share > Generate image group link.
  3. Click Copy to Clipboard or highlight the url and use Cmd/Ctrl+C to copy it, then right click or Cmd/Ctrl + V, to paste the link for sharing.

Link to search results

After you’ve conducted a search and are viewing the results, your browser URL is a shareable, stable link that you can share with others so they can also view these search results. Simply copy and paste the URL to share with other users.

Link to a Collection

You can share a link to an Artstor or Forum Collection with any other subscribing institution. Links to Institutional collections can only be shared within your institution.

  1. Open the Collection
  2. Copy the URL from your browser window and paste to share the link to this collection with other users at your institution.

Use a Private Group link shared with you

  1. Log in to the Digital Library and click the link that has been shared with you. If you click the link and are asked to login, this indicates you are using a link to a private group.
  2. The next time you Browse Groups, that group will appear in your Shared with me list of groups.