With the 2017 platform update Artstor began making the site even more functional for users with disabilities.  Improvements included:

  • Titles that provide alt text for items
  • Removal of double clicking to open an item
  • Language declaration in the Artstor Digital Library’s source code (English) to help screen readers navigate the site
  • The website is now responsive, meaning users can easily adjust font size and color/contrast settings on most devices.

A full WCAG 2.0 audit was completed (which encompasses the new Section 508 standards) and we have made the VPAT 2.0 document available below. The document is based on the updated VPAT template, created by the  Information Technology Industry Council, in October 2017. Further improvements are planned, and an accessibility roadmap below provides details on those planned changes. Please email support@artstor.org with any questions or concerns.

Available accessibility compliance documentation: