Artstor now offers free access to all public collections from the main URL

What are public collections?

Public collections are created, cataloged and shared on the Artstor platform using our JSTOR Forum tool. These collections range from library special collections, to faculty research, and institutional history and marketing materials. They represent a broad and unique range of content and contributors.

Why am I seeing this page?

Access to Artstor from off site (off campus) will show only public collections. To see the full Artstor Digital Library, authenticate to your campus network, or log in using your Artstor registered user account.

How can I tell which content I’m accessing?

You can quickly verify that you’re seeing public content by looking at the text in the search box — it will say “Search Public Collections”

And, by checking the message in the upper right corner — it will say “Login to access the core collections”

Also, all public content is flagged with the public collection label

How do I get to the full Artstor content?

To access full Artstor content, click the login link in the upper right corner. Or, authenticate to a campus/participant network.