Local & Personal Content in Artstor Digital Library

Personal Collections Overview

About Personal Collections Personal Collections are a private storage spot for registered users to upload and manage content that can mingle with Artstor content. Uploaded image files can be cataloged, added to groups to be share with others, exported, and cited. Personal collections are hosted in JSTOR Forum — learn more about Forum here. Note: […]

Uploading Personal Collections Files

On this page… Upload process Supported file types File size upload recommendations Storage limits Upload messaging for Personal Collections More information about JSTOR Forum Upload process Your personal collection is now available for uploading image files. From the landing page menu bar choose Organize > Upload images to personal collection Or, choose Browse, then click […]

Manage Files in Personal Collections

After uploading files to your personal collection, you can add and edit data fields, save them to a Group, and export them to PowerPoint or as a zip file. To edit data for images in your personal collection, click on a thumbnail to be brought to the detail page. Just like with any other image […]

Using Your Personal Collection

View your personal collection From the landing page menu choose Browse > My collections Click on My personal collection to view its contents, or click Edit to upload new files. Select any of the items to add them to new or existing groups. Or, click on the center of a thumbnail to be brought to […]

JSTOR Forum Collections Overview

JSTOR Forum is a media management system that allows you to catalog, manage, and share your digital collections. You can upload your images, video, audio, and documents to Forum and add data to make it searchable. The content you catalog can then can be published and shared on library.artstor.org, Omeka sites, or DPLA. Content can also be […]

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