Presenting Fullscreen

The simplest way to present images from the Digital Library is to use Fullscreen mode to present items from a Group, search results, or a Collection. Fullscreen allow you to fluidly zoom and pan images, compare items, and play multimedia files alongside images. To present in fullscreen mode, you will need to be using a […]

Presenting with OIV

The Offline Image Viewer (OIV) is a presentation software included with the Digital Library. The OIV supports image-rich presentations, allowing users to download high-resolution images directly from the Digital Library, add their own images, and create digital slide show presentations that feature side-by-side comparisons, zooming and panning, and the ability to customize text on the […]

Presenting with Other Tools

Digital Library images can be downloaded for use in classroom presentations and non-commercial educational uses.  If you have a preferred presentation software (PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, etc.), please find your download options below. Presentation Options Download image groups directly to PowerPoint Download single images and place them into your presentation tool of choice Download entire image […]

Convert an OIV presentation to PowerPoint

NOTICE REGARDING PERSONAL COLLECTIONS: With the release of our new Artstor platform, upload to a Personal Collection from OIV is disabled. If you need to share OIV presentations with students, please convert them to PDFs.  

Quiz Mode in Fullscreen

Need to study for an exam? Quiz mode has you covered! When in fullscreen mode, you can click Quiz mode in the lower right corner to view the items in your opened group or search results without visible metatdata. This is a great way to quiz your knowledge of items in preparation for an exam. […]

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