Generating Citations

About Citations A citation can be generated from the detail page for any asset in the Artstor Digital Library. Options for citation styles are MLA, APA and Chicago style. Current citation data: MLA is 8th edition, APA is 6th ed., Chicago 16th ed. Generate a Citation From the detail page, click cite this item.   […]

Create and Manage Groups

Create and Manage Private, Institutional or Shared with me Groups Groups allow any registered user to save items to share, export, and add descriptive information. You can create, edit, and delete your Private or Institutional groups. To learn more about Groups, see: Groups Overview. Or watch a video about creating groups. On this page… Open […]

Groups Overview

On the new Artstor platform, Folders have been removed; Sharing is now at the Group level. What are Groups Groups are a saved selection of up to 1,000 items that can be edited, tagged, have a description added to it, shared with others, and downloaded. All registered users can create groups. Search Groups From the […]

Index Artstor content with Zotero

About Zotero Zotero is a free software tool for the Firefox web-browser. It runs in its own pane within Firefox, separately from web pages. Zotero can be used to collect a snapshot of items from the Detail page, that can be indexed in your own “personal library.” With Zotero, Artstor Digital Library content can be […]

Teaching Resources: Overview

On this page… What are Teaching Resources How Can I use Teaching Resources Curriculum Guides AP® Teaching Resources Art and Architecture Overviews Case Studies Illustrated Essays Studio Art Sample Lesson Plans Social Studies and Humanities Overviews What are Teaching Resources Our Teaching Resources cover a wealth of information, breaking up the 2 million images in […]


On this page… Filter Groups using Tags Organize Groups using Tags Add Tags to a Group Edit Tags for a Group Filter Groups using Tags When you browse groups, you will see a section of tags in the lower left corner. In some cases, such as Artstor Curated, the list of groups is multipage. To […]

Save Selections to a Group

Once you have found items you would like to organize by adding them to a group, you can save the items to a new group, save them to an existing group, or if you are on the Detail page, save that item to a new or existing group. Add items to a new Group Make […]

Tips for Using Tags

General Tips Tags are case sensitive. The tag “Painting“ can be added to a group that is already tagged as “painting” Tags should be granular: course numbers, weeks, instructor names, all separated. When creating several groups that will share some tags, a comma separated  list copied and pasted from a document (ArtH 200, Spring 2018, […]

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