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On this page… Begin an advanced search —Search using words or phrases —Field definitions —Search using dates —Search by geography —Search by classification —Search by collection Refine or modify an advanced search Begin an Advanced Search For more control over your search, use the Advanced Search feature. The link to launch an Advanced Search is […]

Keyword Search

You can use the Keyword Search feature to run a basic search for items in the Digital Library. On the home page of the Digital Library, the keyword search box is located in the top center of the page. On a search results page, the keyword search box is located found near the top center. […]

Searching Overview

To search for images in the Digital Library, you can either conduct a Keyword Search or an Advanced Search To narrow down your search results, learn more about Filtered Search and Using Wildcards You can also Search by media type and search by the ID shown in an item URL.


About Browsing in the Artstor Digital Library Browsing allows you to find images in the Digital Library without using a specific search term.  Choose a collection type or category as a starting point for your research. Browse Artstor Content By Collection By Geography By Classification Browse Teaching Resources Browse Institutional and Personal Content Institutional Collections Open […]

Filtered Search

Filtered Search allows you to further refine your search results by collection type, Artstor classification, geographic area or country, and date range by using the filtering search panel on the left side of your search results page. Apply filters: Run a keyword or advanced search. The results will be returned as thumbnails with a filtered […]

Using Wildcards

You can use the following wildcards to help build your search: Definition Example Wildcards underscore (_) The underscore (_) can represent any one character. m_net will retrieve “monet”, “manet”, etc. asterisk (*) The asterisk (*) can represent zero, one, or several characters. ren* will retrieve “rene”, “reni”, “renoir”, “rendering”, “renaissance”, etc. dollar sign ($) The […]

Search by Media Type

You can find several non-image media types in the Artstor Workspace, including panoramas (QTVRs), 3D objects, audio, video, and PDF. Use the search terms below in Keyword searches or Advanced searches to find them. *3D files are temporarily unavailable on the new Artstor platform.   Icon Media Type Search term(s) Panoramas virtual reality panoramas Video […]

Search for Creative Commons Zero content

Artstor offers many CC0-tagged files in the Digital Library. CC0 is the “no copyright reserved” option in the Creative Commons Toolkit. To search for CC0 content, use the keyword search box and enter “creative commons zero”. Or, use the Advanced Search box and use the same keywords, along with further selections, to narrow your results. […]


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Search by item I.D.

To search by an item ID, the item identification number shown in the URL for each item, simply copy the id portion of the URL and paste it into any search box. For the above example, you can copy and paste the red text, into a search box, to search for that item in […]

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