Login with your Artstor User Account

1. Go to www.artstor.org.
2. Click on “Enter” above Artstor Digital Library.

Artstor Org Landing Page Annotated

3. Log in with your username and password.

If you receive a message that your 120-day remote access period is expired you can re-set the 120-day countdown by logging in either on-site at your institution or through a proxy.

The 120-day remote access period is not available to registered users at public libraries, per the Terms of the Artstor Digital Library License Agreement.

Login through your Institution (Institutional Login)

Some subscribing institutions have set up access that allows users to enter the Digital Library using their institutional log in credentials (the username and password you use to access your institution’s network) and have automatic access to the benefits of registering.  If your institution allows this type of access, you can log in to the Digital Library following these steps:

1. Go to www.artstor.org.
2. Click Enter above Artstor Digital Library.

Artstor Org Landing Page Annotated

3. Click Log in in the upper right corner of your screen.

4. In the drop down menu in the middle section, find and select your institution.


5. You will be taken to a page that asks you to enter your institutional login username and password. Enter the information and click “Continue” or “Login“.

6. You will be taken directly to the Digital Library main page.  Depending on the access set up by your institution, you may need to create an Artstor account or log in to your Artstor account.

Many institutions provide remote access to restricted electronic resources through a proxy server or VPN set up.

Login through your Institution’s Library website

1. Go to your institution’s library home page.
2. Find Artstor in the list of the library’s databases.
3. Click on the link for Artstor.
4. Login using your institutional credentials. Please contact your local librarian if you need assistance at this point.
If you are a local administrator, you can find proxy configurations here.