You can use the Keyword Search feature to run a basic search for images from any location in the Digital Library.

  1. On the front page of the Digital Library, the Keyword Search box is located in the upper left corner.
  2. Keyword_search_1A

  3. On a search results page, the Keyword Search box is located in the upper right corner.
  4. Searching_1B

  5. Or you can go to the navigation menu and click Find >Search.
  6. Searching_1C

  7. Enter your keyword(s) in the search box and click Go.
  8. Keyword_search_2

    Please note: Keyword Search will return results that include all of your search terms, so there is no need to include “and” between terms.

  9. Your search results will be returned as thumbnails.
  10. Keyword_search_3

    Please note: You may receive a message that the search has retrieved more than 2,000 results. View the first 2,000 images by clicking View results, or, refine your query by clicking the Advanced Search button.

  11. Further refine your search by using Keyword Search box in the upper right corner. Enter another search term and from the drop-down options choose Within this search result. Click Go.
  12. Or you can filter by selecting collection type, classification, geographic locations, or dates, when applicable.
  13. Keyword_search_4-5


Keyword Search Video