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About IAP

The Images for Academic Publishing (IAP) program makes available publication-quality images for use in scholarly publications free of charge. The IAP program was initiated by The Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2007 to help address the challenges of scholarly publishing in the digital age by providing free images for academic publications through an automated Web-based service. IAP was an optional service to all museums who wished to foster scholarly publications. This service is intended for individual scholars who are working on a particular book, article, or website that meets criteria established by the museum contributors. All IAP contributors also contributed images to the Artstor Digital Library, which makes images available exclusively for teaching and educational use, not publication.

Contributing to IAP

Museums who contribute image collections to the Artstor Digital Library are also welcome to contribute images to the IAP program. Beginning in March 2011, the IAP program will only be open to museums wishing to make available photographs of their permanent collections. For image guidelines, or other questions regarding contribution to the IAP program, please email collections@artstor.org.

IAP currently makes available images from:

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Brooklyn Museum Costumes
  • Mellink Archive of Bryn Mawr College
  • Dallas Museum of Art
  • Getty Research Institute: Photo Archives
  • Getty Research Institute: Study of Photographs of Tapestries
  • Indianapolis Museum of Art
  • Northwestern University Library: Ramon Casas sketchbooks
  • Princeton University Art Museum
  • The Walters Art Museum
  • Yale University Art Gallery

IAP for current subscribers to Artstor
1. Go to www.artstor.org.
2. Click on Enter Here.
3. Use the Keyword Search and simply add IAP to your search criteria.
IAP for nonsubscribers – Get access to IAP images:
To receive access to IAP for a period of 120 days, users of this service are asked to provide their name, title and academic affiliation (if any), email address, and bibliographic citation for the publication.

Please note: There is a cap of 10 images for IAP downloading per month

Searching for IAP images
Please note: You must already have been given an IAP account or be affiliated with a subscribing institution.

  1. Go to library.artstor.org.
  2. Login with your username and password
  3. Use the Keyword Search and add IAP to your search criteria.
  4. Click iconIAP (the IAP icon ) to download a high resolution file for publication. A new window will open explaining the process. If you are eligible for the program, click Proceed. In the next window, click Download.
  5. In the next window, review the IAP Terms and Conditions of Use. You may also print this window for reference with the print link at the end of the document. Check the box indicating that you have read and accept these terms before clicking Continue.
  6. Provide the information requested in the space provided. Click Download.
  7. Two windows will open. One warns this download will take some time. The other shows your computer’s directory, where you can choose a place to save this file and continue to download as usual.

Downloading IAP images

  1. Click iconIAP(the IAP icon) found directly beneath the image’s thumbnail. This will open the IAP window displaying an important notice about downloading IAP images.
  2. Click Proceed. This will open the IAP window displaying a preview of the selected image and descriptive information.
  3. Click Download Image from the IAP window. This will open the Terms and Conditions of Use window.
  4. Review the Terms and Conditions of Use. When finished, indicate your acceptance by checking the box at the end of the text (within the scrolling window).
  5. Click Continue. This will open the download request form.
  6. Fill in your contact and publication information, and select the size of the image you would like to download.
  7. Click Download Image to submit this information.
  8. In the Save As dialog box, browse to a computer / server location where you would like to save the IAP image file.
  9. Click Save to download the file.

Please note: There is a cap of 10 images for IAP downloading per month.

Questions about IAP
To register for access to IAP, scholars can contact iap@artstor.org.

For questions about the IAP service and related policies, please send an email to iap@artstor.org.

For technical questions related to downloading IAP images, please contact Artstor User Services at (877) 771-4908 or userservices@artstor.org.