The Image Viewer allows you to open an image a larger window, and allows you to work more closely with an image using the zoom, pan, rotate, print and save features.

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Open the Image Viewer
Zoom, Pan and Rotate
Thumbnail Map
Image Viewer Display Options
Group Navigation
Print or Save an Image or Image Detail

Open the Image Viewer

Double-click the thumbnail to launch the Image Viewer in a new window. The image will open either half screen or full screen, depending on your selected display settings from your user profile. Please note, pop-up blockers must be disabled to use the Image Viewer. To avoid a pop-up blocker issue, you can change the settings in your profile to select the full-screen launch of images in the image viewer.

Zoom, Pan and Rotate

The first row of icons in the Image Viewer footer provide tools for analyzing the image.

The first group of icons will allow you to zoom in and out of images, and reset them once you are finished analyzing them.

Click iconZoomIn (the zoom-in button) to see more detail in an image. You are able to zoom-in to the image until you are viewing the image at its Actual Size, when the percentage under the Thumbnail Map reads “100.0%.”

Click iconMinimizeImage(the zoom-out button) to back out of an enlarged image.

Click iconResetImage(the reset button) to return a zoomed or rotated image to its original state.

The second group of icons provide additional modes to manipulate the image in the Image Viewer window with you mouse.

When iconZoomMode (the zoom mode) is selected, you can zoom-in by clicking anywhere in the image with your mouse. You can zoom-out by pressing the Ctrl- (or ) key and clicking into the image. You are able to zoom-in to the image until you are viewing the image at its Actual Size, when the percentage under the Thumbnail Map reads “100.0%.” Zoom-in and the Zoom-out buttons.

When iconPan (the pan mode) is selected, you can move the zoomed-in image by clicking anywhere on the image and dragging your mouse in any direction. Please note: you will need to zoom into the image before the you can select the Pan Mode.

When iconRotate (the rotate mode) is selected, you can rotate the image up to 360 degrees by clicking into the image and dragging your mouse to the right to rotate the image clockwise. You can reset the image to its original orientation by clicking the reset button.

Thumbnail map


The thumbnail map is located in the bottom right corner of the Image Viewer window. It will display a red box indicating where you are within the full image while you are viewing zoomed details.

  •  Click and drag the red box around the thumbnail map to pan to different areas of the image.
  • The number beneath the image in the thumbnail map indicates what percentage of the image’s actual size you are currently viewing. When the number reads “100.0%,” this means that you are viewing the image in its actual size and you cannot zoom-in any further.

Image Viewer Display options

Side-by-side comparisons

To view two images at once on the screen for comparison purposes you need to open each image in the Image Viewer at the default, half-screen size.

  1. From thumbnail view, double-click an image to open the Image Viewer. If you have not already, you may need to disable popup blockers. If the image opens at full-screen, simply click iconMininizeImage(the minimize button) in the lower right corner of the Image Viewer window to set the image to half-screen.
  2. Return to the thumbnails window and open the second image in the Image Viewer. This second Image Viewer will open on the opposite side of the screen as the first Image Viewer.
  3. In the navigation bar click Display options > Bring image windows to front. You may also right- (or Control-) click anywhere on the Thumbnail Page and then select the “Bring image windows to front” option from the resulting shortcut menu.
  4. Both Image Viewer windows will appear side-by-side in front of the Thumbnail Page. You have access to the full functionality of the Image Viewer (zoom, pan, print, etc.).

Show/hide data

The icons for various display options are located in the footer of the Image Viewer, directly underneath the image analysis icons zoom, pan, print, etc.), and to the left of the navigation arrows.

Click iconInfo(the show data icon) to display descriptive information about the image that you are viewing.

Click iconHideData(the hide data icon) to hide this information.

Click iconSheet(the list image titles icon) to open a window that lists, by title, all of the images in the currently displayed collection category, Image Group, or set of search results. Click on the desired title to open an image in the Image Viewer. If you would prefer to view the images sequentially, use the navigation arrows to the right of this icon.

Click iconHideCaptions (hide captions option) to hide the caption for presentation or testing purposes

Click iconShowCaptions(show captions options) to restore the information.

Click iconReportError(report an error option) to notify Artstor directly should you find any errors in the image that you are viewing you. This will launch a web form to fill out and submit to User Services.

Maximize/minimize window

Click iconFullScreen(the maximize window icon) to maximize the Image Viewer window to full-screen.

Click iconMininizeImage(the minimize window icon) to resize the window back to the half-screen size.

Quick tip

You can set your user preferences so that Image Viewer windows will open, by default, at either half- or full-screen. Please see Managing display preferences. Choosing the Full screen viewer (no pop up window) option will help avoid issues with popup blockers that may be enabled in your browser.

Group Navigation

Use the iconNavArrows (navigational arrows) in the lower right corner of the window to scroll through images in the set.

Click iconSheet(the list image titles icon) to move to another image, out of an image group’s sequential order. This will open a new window that allows you to select the desired image from a list of titles.

Print or save an image or image detail

Click iconPrint (the print icon) to generate a print-out containing the image, its descriptive data, and a brief copyright statement. If you would like to print a detail, zoom and pan within the image to the desired view, then click “Print.” Please note: For more detailed instructions, see Printing images and Downloading images.

Click iconSaveImage (the save icon) to download a copy of the displayed image to your local computer, disk, or network as a JPEG. After clicking on the icon, you will be asked to click through Artstor’s Terms and Conditions of Use. Once you do so, you will see your computer’s directory, which will allow you to choose the location where you would like to save your image. Please note: For more detailed instructions for saving images see Downloading.

Click iconSaveToGroup (the save to image group icon) to save an image to your image group. Please note this will save the image in whatever zoomed and/or rotated position you are viewing it at the moment.