Image thumbnails appear when you: perform a search; browse the collections; or open an image group.

Thumbnail Viewing Options:

  • The default view is small thumbnails with a brief caption. To view larger thumbnails with a brief data record click Display options > Display large thumbnails.
  • To change the number of images you view per page, click on the arrow next to Images/page in the middle of the utility bar and select 24, 48, or 72 images per page.
  • While viewing small thumbnails, place your mouse over an image thumbnail to see a larger version pop up.
  • Single-click an image thumbnail to select it. A colored highlight appears around the thumbnail, indicating the selection.
  • Double-click an image thumbnail to view it in the Image Viewer. For more information, see our help section about the Image Viewer.
  • Special icons indicate advanced options for an image. See the icon index for explanation.
  • Click the navigational arrows on the right side of the utility bar to move between pages when you have more than 24 images. Or, type the page number you wish to see and hit enter. Click the desired sort order in the left side of the utility bar to sort your results three ways: by Title, Creator, or Date. These sort orders are also available by clicking Display options > Sort displayed images by.