To download an image:

1. Log in to your Artstor account. (You must have a registered Artstor account to download images).
2. Double-click an image thumbnail to open the Image Viewer.


3. Click Icon_save(the save icon) in the lower right corner.
Please note: If you have zoomed or rotated the image but wish to save it in its entirety, click the reset icon to restore the image to its original state.
4. A window with Artstor’s Terms & Conditions of Use will open. Click I Accept.


5. You will then be prompted to  Save this jpg file.


Troubleshooting: If you are having difficulty downloading and you are using Internet Explorer, try setting Artstor as a Trusted Site and setting the security level to medium-low.

With the release of 5.1, you can view the embedded metadata for a single downloaded image and you can also download metadata as an html file from the thumbnail data or from the image viewer.