Please note: If your PC does not come equipped with a zip program or if you have not installed one in the past, you will need to download and install software that will zip and unzip files. Mac users will not need to install software to handle zip files as it is already built into OS X. ARTstor recommends 7-Zip for PC users, which is free and available for download here:

To download an image:

1. Log in to your Artstor account. (You must have a registered Artstor account to download images).
2. Double-click an image thumbnail to open the Image Viewer.


3. Click Icon_save(the save icon) in the lower right corner.
Please note: If you have zoomed or rotated the image but wish to save it in its entirety, click the reset icon to restore the image to its original state.
4. A window with Artstor’s Terms & Conditions of Use will open. Click I Accept.


5. You will then be prompted to either Open or Save a zip file, which contains both the JPEG and HTML file that you are attempting to download from the Artstor Digital Library.

Please note: If you are working on a PC we suggest that you open the zip file and then extract the files contained within the zip file. If you are working on a Mac you will save the zip file and in most cases, your files will automatically unzip.

Troubleshooting: If you are having difficulty downloading and you are using Internet Explorer, try setting Artstor as a Trusted Site and setting the security level to medium-low.