Statistics Reports querying September 2016 Data return ‘no data found’

Please adjust the end date of the month to match the calendar days. For example, if you are querying data for September 2016, adjust the end date to “30” instead of “31” Imprecise end dates will return ‘no data found’

International Users seeing limited search results

September 2016: International subscribers may see limited search results when searching “All Collections.” When selecting “Artstor Digital Library” from the dropdown, the search results are more accurate.

Digital Library Browser Display Issues

If your web browser is skewing the display of the Digital Library, including the Image Viewer, this is likely due to our recent release (Sept 2016). Please clear your browser cache to resolve the problem.

Artstor Mobile

The April release of Artstor Mobile requires Android users to uninstall, then reinstall the Artstor app from the Google play store. If you need assistance with this process, please contact User Services at: (877) 771-4908 or

Artstor Mobile on Mac iPads with iOS 8.1.3 (Safari) may display a message “error in DB: Error: Security Error: DOM: Exception 18.”  This can be resolved by changing the Safari Privacy and Security settings to “Allow from Websites I visit”


QuickTime / QTVR files

Google Chrome is eliminating their support of QuickTime files. We recommend you use an alternative browser (Firefox, Safari or IE) if you wish to access our QTVR files in the digital library, or, explore their workaround.  Should the need arise to uninstall Quicktime, Personal Collection audio files and QTVR files will not play in Artstor Digital Library. You can find instructions for uninstalling on Apple’s Quicktime support pages.