Users logged in to their Artstor accounts can add notes to individual images.  These annotations can be private (Personal Notes), shared with others at your institution (Instructor Notes), or shared between students and instructors (Student Notes).  Once created, you can use the Search Notes feature to help you find images to which you have added personal notes or an instructor has added instructor notes.  You can also annotate entire image groups using the Image Group Description feature.

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Personal Notes
Instructor Notes
Student Notes
Image Group Description
Exporting Notes
Printing Notes

Personal notes

Personal notes can only be viewed and searched by the user who creates them.

  1. Log in to your Artstor account.
  2. Search or browse for content in the Digital Library.
  3. While viewing thumbnail images, click the caption beneath any image.
  4. A new window opens, displaying information about the work depicted in the image. Click the “Personal notes” tab. This tab contains a rich text field where you can enter your notes. Click once into the blank text field to enter your comments.
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the window to save your changes. The Personal notes will only be viewable and searchable to you when you are logged in to your Artstor account.  There may be a delay of several hours before notes are searchable.

Instructor notes

Instructor notes can be added to any image by a user with instructor privileges.  If an instructor chooses, they can be searched and viewed by a restricted group of users or anyone at the same institution if the image has been added to an Image Group.

  1. Log in to your Artstor account.
  2. Find the image(s) you would like to annotate by searching, browsing, or opening image groups.
  3. Click the caption beneath the desired image thumbnail to open the data window.
  4. Click the “Instructor notes” tab.
  5. Click once into the textbox to enter or edit text. To make these notes visible and searchable to all other users at your institution, choose the “Public” radio button, to share them with only users who have password-protected access to the image’s folder, choose “Restrict,” to keep these notes private, select the radio button “Hide.” Please note that your Instructor Notes will only be viewable and searchable by users at your institution if the image is added to an Image Group.
  6. Click Save.

Student Notes

If you are a student whose instructor has given you access to a Student Work folder, you can add student notes to individual images in your Student Work folder. These notes can be viewed and searched by the student who creates them and/or by the instructor.    

  1. Log in to your Artstor account and open an image group in your student work folder. Please note: Student notes only appear in Student Work folders, and students must create or copy the image group into his or her student work folders in order to access the student notes feature.
  2. Click the caption beneath the desired image thumbnail to open the data window.
  3. Click the “Student notes” tab.
  4. Click once into the free-text field to enter or edit text.
  5. Click SavePlease note: If the instructor would like to view these notes the student must be sure to uncheck the ‘Hide notes’ box before saving these notes.

Image Group Description

If you would prefer to annotate an entire group of images rather than individual images, you can create an image group description.  Image group descriptions can’t be searched the way image notes can be.

Exporting Notes

Into the OIV

Personal and Instructor notes will export from the Digital Library, into your OIV slide data.
When viewing an Image Palette Presentation, click the i button twice to view full image data, and you will see the data for Instructor’s commentary and Personal Note(s) displayed at the bottom of your screen.

When creating a new slide in the slide sorter using an image in your Image Palette, choose a template that includes text area (indicated by lines in the template) and click the box to Populate Metadata. Then, select the boxes for your notes field(s) when choosing which data fields to insert.

Into Powerpoint

Personal Notes and Instructor Notes will not export as part of the data included with the images in your image group. However, you can print your instructor and/or personal notes and circulate that material in conjunction with your presentation.

Printing Notes

  1. With your image group open, go to Share > Print image group.
  2. Choose either Brief record with Instructor notes or Brief record with Personal Notes
  3. Use your browser’s print feature to print the content in the popup window. If you choose to print Instructor Notes, your document will include all the instructor notes entered about each image by users at your institution. To avoid this, consider using the personal notes feature, which will only include your own comments.