Generating and Exporting Citations

On this page… Generate Citations Email Citations Export to EndNote, ProCite, or Reference Manager Export to RefWorks View and Save Citations  Generate Citations The first step to export citations is to generate, or ‘save,’ them. You can then export selected image citations or an entire image group’s citation, to be saved outside of the Artstor […]

Create and Manage Folders

Folders are a way for users to organize and share image groups.  Only users with instructor privileges enabled can create and manage folders. On this page… Create a folder and set permissions Move folders and change permissions Create and manage nested folders (subfolders) Delete a folder Enable Student Work Folders Create a Folder  Log in […]

Create and Manage Image Notes

Users logged in to their Artstor accounts can add notes to individual images.  These annotations can be private (Personal Notes), shared with others at your institution (Instructor Notes), or shared between students and instructors (Student Notes).  Once created, you can use the Search Notes feature to help you find images to which you have added […]

Open an Institutional Folder

Folders are a way for individual users at an institution to share image groups. They can be shared with everyone at an institution (Institutional Public), a selected group using a password, or they can be Student Work folders, a place for students and instructors to share work and feedback. On this page… Unlock a password-protected […]

Create and Manage Image Groups

Image groups allow you to save images you’d like to work with later and add a description to that group. To learn more about image groups, see: Image Groups and Folders Overview. On this page… Create an Image Group Save an Edited Image Group Rename an Image Group Delete an Image Group Open an Image […]

Image Groups and Folders Overview

Folders and image groups are ways for users with registered accounts to organize and share images in the Digital Library. On this page… What are image groups? Who can create image groups? How? What are folders? Who can create folders? How? What’s the difference between image groups and folders? What are image groups? Image groups […]

Index Artstor content with Zotero

About Zotero Zotero is a free software tool for the Firefox web-browser. It runs in its own pane within Firefox, separately from web pages. Zotero can be used to collect snapshots of images or image groups, blog pages or PDFs, that can be indexed in your own “personal library.” With Zotero, Artstor Digital Library content […]

Teaching Resources: Overview

On this page… What are Teaching Resources How Can I use Teaching Resources Curriculum Guides AP® Teaching Resources Art and Architecture Overviews Case Studies Illustrated Essays Studio Art Sample Lesson Plans Social Studies and Humanities Overviews What are Teaching Resources Our Teaching Resources cover a wealth of information, breaking up the 2 million images in […]

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